Monday, July 9, 2018

Chickadee Quilters' 39th Annual Quilt Show: A Review

We were delighted to see all of the fine quilts hanging in the Chickadee Quilters' 39th Annual Quilt Show in Bridgton, Maine. The show was presented on July 7 and July 8, 2018 at the Stevens Brook Elementary School. There were vendors, a donation table where one could pick up fabric and used magazines; there was food available, and so much more! Of course, we mainly attended to see the quilts!

The Chickadee Quilters' Guild is a busy one! It also offers the opportunity to ANY quilter to show a quilt in their show. Therefore, the quilts are not just from the local community but from other places as well. In this review I have chosen six of the many quilts on display. They all represent a lot of work and expertise!

"Pine Burr" by Pam Hogan

Jim was drawn to the "Pine Burr" quilt that was machine pieced and hand quilted by Pam Hogan. Usually a southern pattern, in this quilt the indigo-colored fabric forms an alternate design. The quilt has a "masculine" look as if it would be perfect for a boy's room or for a man.

"Peace by Piece" by Shirley Hoeman

"Peace by Piece" is a hand and machine pieced quilt by Shirley Hoeman who used the pattern "Hampton Ridge" by Paula Barnes to create this medallion style quilt. A lot of piecing went into the making of the quilt. I loved the multiple borders that seem to set off the quilt in grand fashion!

"Lucy Boston Style" by Anne Debonis

We were particularly drawn to "Lucy Boston Style" which was hand pieced by Anne Debonis. The quilter used the gray fabric to its best advantage, first to form "crosses" in between blocks and again on the first border. Again, this quilt took a lot of piecing and is very colorful!

"The Splendid Sampler" by Cindy Fraher

"The Splendid Sampler" was machine pieced, machine appliqued and machine quilted by Cindy Fraher. The quilt is composed of blocks published by Pat Sloan and Janie Davidson. What a delightful selection of designs! One's eyes keep moving around the quilt to see each new surprise. I particularly like the apron in the next to the last (bottom) row (6th block from the left).

"Pot Holder Quilt" by Jane Bergquist

The "Pot Holder Quilt" by Jane Bergquist is machine pieced, hand appliqued and machine quilted and was made in a workshop at at retreat in Vermont. In this style of quilt, each block is made and finished separately and then all the finished blocks are joined. It is a style that was popular during the American Civil War. We loved Jane's color choices in her fabrics!

"Afternoon Sail" by Dianne Barth

Last but not least, we have "Afternoon Sail" which was machine pieced and machine appliqued by Dianne Barth and professionally quilted by Shirley York. The quilt, an original design, was made to be used as a raffle quilt to raise funds for Bridgton's Rufus Porter Museum. The raffle will take place on August 10th. The quilter states that the center square represents the Rufus Porter school of wall muralists. It will be a lucky person who wins this quilt!

If you have the chance, plan to attend the 2019 show. Contact information for the Chickadee Quilters is simply Bridgton, Maine  04009 or 207.647.3632 and please remember to "like" their page on Facebook!

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