Friday, August 9, 2013

Sweetheart Pincushions and Postcards

Whenever one shares information, one learns that there is a whole lot more to learn! Such was the case when a person who had read my book, Sweetheart & Mother Pillows, wrote to me to say that she loves all the information it contains but had I ever heard of Sweetheart Pincushions? She provided the web address for the following blog:

According to the woman who wrote to me, the small textiles were made mainly by British and French soldiers from 1907-1918. Another online source states that the word "pincushion" seems to be a misnomer. These objects seem to patriotic in nature and not objects that would necessarily be intended to hold pins. They often say, "The King's Own."

Today I found several other blogs with information about the sweetheart pincushions. One is:

Another link is which features photos of pincushions as well as 10 pages of various "sweetheart cards" from World War I.

I have collected a few of the cards but have none of the sweetheart pincushions. I would love to hear from other readers who have collected either sweetheart pincushions or postcards from World War I. The pincushions all appear to have been beaded and the beads are held in place via a straight pin inserted into the heart-shaped pincushion. It is always fun to learn new things! I appreciate readers' mail!

Christine Cassidy has sent a link to a collection of images she has posted to a Pinterest page:

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Victorian Trade Banners

Vistorian Trade Banner "To This are All Indebted."

This banner says "Strike While the Iron is Hot!! Photo courtesy of Lisa Oakes, James D. Julia, Inc.
Several years ago I noticed that a set of Victorian banners were being offered for sale by a company in Maine. I was sent the following photos with permission to post them. My notes about them were lost when my old quilt blog was corrupted by vandals and had to be discontinued. I love these banners and decided to share the photos again for those who love all things Victoriana as much as I do!

Overview of the Victorian Banners sold by James D. Julia, Inc. Photo shared by permission