Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dolls Remembered

Today I am thinking of the book Dolls Remembered to which I contributed a chapter in 2009. Happily, I wrote about a doll from my childhood and her importance in my life. Jim Cummings took a photo of "Miranda" for the book by Madonna Dries Christensen. Still available on amazon, the book has received all five star ratings by reviewers. One hundred per cent of the proceeds of the book go to support a Down's Syndrome facility located in Northern Virginia.

Doll from childhood, quilt designed by Patricia Cummings, photo by James Cummings

Do little girls play with dolls any more? The one shown here was "on display" on top of a tall bureau in her bedroom. She had no clothes but the sweetest, enchanting face. As an adult, I made the dress she is wearing. The quilt is one that I designed and made, inspired by an antique quilt. I allowed The Appliqué Society to publish a pattern for the quilt. I hope you enjoy seeing this photo. It certainly makes me smile. It was fun to find the dog bone fabric that I used for the borders.

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