Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Too Old Too Soon..."

There is a saying "Too old too soon, too late too smart." When we are young, we think we know it all and that we have already experienced all that life has to offer. That is never true especially if we count the weeds as well as the flowers. Certainly, no one is ever ready to not be able to "see" as well as before, yet many older adults are forced to have cataract surgery to improve their vision after years of use have clouded the lenses of their eyes with a "fog" like substance.

The operation is usually very short at the hands of a skilled surgeon who performs it in an operating room at a hospital. The before care and after care are vital to the operation's success. The doctor will warn against heavy lifting, no driving, and the use of specific eye drops for awhile. Friends who have had the operation state that it has had very good results for them. An artificial lens is placed within the eye and will be a permanent fixture...forever.

Some things, like memory, can fail as we age. Memory games designed to improve memory seem to be just enjoyable pastimes with no real effect on memory gain.

One thing is certain, aging is not for ninnies. It takes courage to face all of the new health challenges constantly being presented. "Too old too soon, too late too smart." Yes, in the end we know a lot more but then again, who is asking for our opinion or advice? The young already know it all! If you are looking for me, I'll be quilting!

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