Sunday, July 10, 2016

Birthday Quilt

A most extraordinary quilt was sent to me for my birthday this year. A dear friend mailed me an appliquéd quilt that was designed by Becky Goldsmith of Piece o' Cake Designs. Becky calls the botanically-themed quilt "Simply Delicious." It is based on her Block of the Month offer which is still available on her website. The quilt was won at an auction to benefit St. Jude's Children's Hospital about 12 years ago. The quilter is "Anonymous."

Gift quilt - how sweet it is!

I shall soon be making a label for the back of the quilt to document its size and other details as I know them to be. The quilt arrived with the number 2386 written on an attached tag. Of 20,000 quilts donated to the hospital, only 20 of them were selected for auction that year (2004) and this is one of them. The quilt could be a large wall quilt, if one had the space, or would fit a twin size bed. The designer noted that the quilter made some modifications in the size of the sashings and outer border to increase the overall size of the quilt.

It is not every day that one receives such a beautiful gift of friendship! The appliqué work is exquisite and precise. I also love the quilter's choice of fabrics. The pieced backgrounds and sashings do not overwhelm the blocks as the colors used are subtle. Everything seems perfect, even the machine-quilting! I feel very lucky, indeed, to have been given such an unexpected treasure. The only thing that would increase my joy would be to find out who made this quilt. I love to give credit where it is due! In the meantime, I shall continue to admire the fine workmanship. The quilt lives up to its name. It is "Simply Delicious"!

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