Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day - A Time of Reflection and Remembrance

Today is Memorial Day, a day set aside to remember our war dead, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their "last full measure of devotion," in the words of Abraham Lincoln. It is a day for parades, patriotic music, and flags.

U.S. Army Color Guard stands at attention for the playing of "Taps"

We were very lucky in Concord, New Hampshire. The rain held off in the morning and did not start until well after the parade down Main Street was over and the speeches and music were finished. There is something about seeing the flag and hearing patriotic music that brings tears to my eyes. The Concord (NH) High School Band and the Rundlett Jr. High School Band performed wonderfully-well! To see young people exhibit such musical skill is inspiring!

Concord High School "Crimson Tide Marching Band"

Besides the bands, there were many Color Guards and other marchers on foot. "Caring Paws" participated in the parade and I would like to know more about what the dogs do. The Cub Scouts marched - and it was such a long way for them to go. The youngsters looked so cute in their uniforms. Someone put a lot of work into the floats that were present including the "Religious Freedom" float by the Concord Christian Academy. The Marines drove by with a replica of the Iwo Jima statue in the trailer behind them.

Replica of Iwo Jima statue

Someone was distributing free American flags that have the words to "Taps" attached to the "flagpole." When it came time to play "Taps," the bugler first played it loudly and boldly and then played the tune softly, as if heard at a distance.

Float by the Concord Christian Academy

We have not gone to a parade at any time within recent memory and this event was a real treat for us! It is nice to feel part of a greater community of patriotic citizens. I hope that you have taken time today to consider those who have lost their lives while fighting for (your) freedoms! In addition, I hope that you have enjoyed a day off from work and have spent some quality time with those you love.

Wreaths were laid at the monument in front of the NH State House. Photos by James Cummings

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