Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hydrangeas as "Hair"

I love Facebook! I recently posted a photo of Hydrangeas used as "hair," an idea from an Australian magazine owned by a friend. As a gift, my friend located the same type of vase used in the decorator's set-up and sent it to me. The vase looks like a lady with closed eyelashes and a pretty mouth with lipstick.

Notice that the stuffed cat has the same closed eyelids:  a total coincidence that I noticed after the photo was taken

My Hydrangea had already dried on the bushes when the vase arrived but we cut some anyhow and used them for this photo. Hydrangeas come in many colors. These were white originally. I wish I had a blue or pink Hydrangea bush or a place to put same. The bushes really expand, in time, so I would need a big space to plant a new bush.

I thought I would try to bring a smile to your day. The folks on Facebook on the Garden n country's site seemed to love this photo. Hope you do, too!

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