Friday, May 9, 2014

Surprise Adds Enjoyment at a Recent Quilt Show

Today we attended a quilt show in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Before going there, I half-wondered if any quilts associated with long-time New England quilter, Sally Palmer Field, would show up. I was not disappointed. An antique Redwork quilt that Sally had collected and had hand-quilted was on display. For study purposes, we took a few photos. The surprise occurred after we had returned home.

"Teddy Bear's Thursday"

The quilter was, without a doubt, using a transfer method but somehow she ended up the a mirror image. Undaunted, she stitched the (backwards) saying anyhow. Either she was a frugal New Englander who did not want to waste cloth due to her mistake or else, perhaps, she did not speak English and did not realize that the words were backward. At any rate, this gave us a chuckle.

Smiling today.

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