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Ellen Emeline Hardy Webster - New Hampshire's Own 1930s Quilt Historian

Ellen Emeline (Hardy) Webster

Her Amazing Quilt "Charts,"
Her Writings, and Her Life

a book on CD by Patricia Lynne Grace Cummings
and James Cummings

This book is about an extraordinary New Hampshire woman who was a professor of Biblical studies, loved antique quilts and wild birds, and was a fan of History, Mathematics, and Science. Her life and her discoveries have been researched by quilt historian, Patricia Cummings, and are chronicled in this massive document that consists of 355 pages and 340 photos. The book is sold on a CD-ROM disc and can be viewed on any computer.

This book is a must-have for anyone who is fascinated by life in the nineteenth century and first half of the twentieth century. Cummings transcribed all of the notations on the quilt charts and researched the meanings of the penciled notations found there. James Cummings served as photographer/photo editor for the book. The author relied on many sources to gather a complete picture of Mrs. Clarendon Webster's life. This book has something for everyone!

Testimonial about this e-book shared with permission of the author:
1-1-11: With Gloria Nixon's permission, I am sharing her happy note about the e-book, Ellen Emeline Hardy Webster (1867-1950): Her Amazing Quilt Charts, Her Writings, and Her Life by Patricia and James Cummings.

The book arrived yesterday, safe and sound. I started reading it while waiting for the new year to roll in and after catching a glimpse of the charts, didn't take my eyes off the screen until 3:00 a.m....WOW!  I was so anxious to see the quilt "charts" and was not disappointed. Your research is impeccable, Pat. The story entertains as it flows so easily from one subject to the next. I planned on doing a quick skim of the book but couldn't stop reading and reading and reading some more.
What a surprise to learn of Ellen's quilt lectures and her link to Florence LaGanke Harris! Jim did an outstanding job on the photography, too. Saying it is beautiful does not do justice to his work. A very impressive job from the both of you. Thank you for sharing the life and work of Ellen E. Webster with the quilt history world!  [...]. Thank you again, my dear Pat.  I love your book!

I always appreciate hearing from happy readers. It was my privilege and joy to learn more about Ellen Webster's life. She had been forgotten for a time by History and even presented as a shadow/ghost like figure in one television documentary. I was happy to be able to locate her true name and then the rest of my research flowed. Her name was not (ever) Emily Webster. That name had mistakenly been associated with her work. Her friend was Emily Webster Brown and her friend's sister was Ellen A. Webster (neither of the sisters were relatives to Ellen Emeline (Hardy) Webster). Her life is an intriguing tale. The book is laced with wonderful information and old photos. If you love history and that of New Hampshire/New England, you will love this book.

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