Monday, September 29, 2014

In the Mood for Yellow

In The Mood for Yellow

Patricia L. Cummings

Yellow and Green Hmong textile / photo by James Cummings

Yes, the house painting is coming along. It will be yellow! The house was always gray for as long as we've had it and long before that but it was fun to discover that it was first painted yellow. In my mind's eye I can picture the nice little family that first occupied it. The owner, who built the house, was a "Timber Reeves" and a mill owner. After living in Henniker, NH for a time, they moved her when the house was built and when their child was an infant. The builder was Abel J. Baker, Jr. His son became quite famous as a politician, newspaper owner, governor of New Hampshire, and during the Civil War, he served as Adjutant General in Iowa. I love this old house and all the secrets it holds within its walls.

Our home a long time ago when Elm trees dotted the countryside before succumbing to Dutch Elm disease.

The trim of the house will continue to be white and the new shutters will be green. The color certainly livens up the neighborhood. Passersby are stopping to say, "Looks great!" - music to the painter's ears. The color is gorgeous. Mostly, I love the name "Mark Twain" yellow.

A Yellow Treasure Quilt

Today, thinking about the color yellow, I added a file to my website about a "yellow treasure" (quilt) for which I have created a pattern. It is a beautiful rare quilt with quite a story. I hope you will take the time to read it. Previously, the tale was published in The Quilter magazine. The pattern is for sale as a downloadable pdf file.

I never realized how fond I am of yellow. I just ordered a yellow sweatshirt that has Cardinals and Chickadees on it. It looks cheerful!

This week I have been adding additional files to my website. If you have time, check out what I have been up to at Quilter's Muse Publications
I have lots of plan and now that Fall is here, I have more time to implement them. Stay tuned!

Happy Trails!

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