Saturday, March 7, 2015


Snow in southern Vermont, March 7, 2015

This photo was sent to me by Charlotte Croft, a friend in Vermont who is also tired of seeing snow. This shows her wood pile covered. We are all ready for warmer weather here in the northeast. Looks like no more snow is in sight according to the last weather reports and temps next week may offer day time numbers in the 40s - all good news.

We love to see the first snowfall and certainly, everyone feels more in the spirit of the holidays when there is snow on the ground. By March, after backbreaking shoveling or emptying one's pocketbook to let the professionals take care of snow, we are ready for sunshine.

My husband ordered garden seeds a few weeks ago and is already trying to sprout some Celeriac under grow lights. Ever the optimist, he sees spring on its way and is probably counting the days until mud season is over (the 5th season in New England).

I do not remember when snow reached a level above the window sills or so many roofs collapsed under the weight of it or there were so many traffic accidents shown on television, across the nation. The old timers used to say that "Snow is God's manure" meaning that snow has micro-nutrients that enrich the soil. Be that as it may, we shall have snow in our yards for at least a few more weeks but as the sun gets stronger it will finally melt, much to the glee of most of us by now. Meanwhile, some of us are making quilts. I enjoy seeing all of the quilts, old and new, that can be seen online.

Patricia Cummings
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