Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring is Here!

Spring is here and we are thinking about flowers and the upcoming gardening season. We are still enjoying the gardening efforts of last year. The packets of raspberries and blackberries and rhubarb in the freezer accompany green beans from the garden and believe it or not, we are still eating Butternut Squash from that same garden. We are blessed with good soil and a great climate for growing things.

Jim started Celeriac seeds weeks ago and the little plants are awfully cute. He has them under a grow light where I also keep African Violets and some cacti plants. All of this made me remember some photos Jim took in 2007 of flowering plants in the yard, one of which was a Poppy. I asked him to "find" the photo file and print out the image on Quilted Treasures transfer paper. I plan to make a pillow with the small panel that resulted.

This image was transferred to fabric and will become part of a small pillow. Photo by James Cummings

The daffodils are poking up and budding up among the myrtle by the side of the house. About a month ago, Jim brought home from the grocery store a bundle of Daffodils from Ireland. They were the burst of sunshine we needed. What a change from the long dreary winter of being shut in most of the time and happy that I did not have to go out to work like others who braved the icy, snowy roads to do so. I have never looked forward more to spring in my entire life. It was a very rough winter here in New England.

Think spring and warm weather!

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