Sunday, April 12, 2015

Quilts as Message Conveyors

Signature Quilts made for a specific person are perfect places to write messages of love and appreciation. In future years, the messages will bring remembrance and a fondness for the past. The most famous Signature Quilts are the Baltimore Album Quilts made in the 1850s for departing ministers of the Methodist Church who had served in the Baltimore area. I can think of many other quilts of this type that I have either seen or participated in making over the last 30 years. Today, I am writing this blog to share one touching statement that is from a quilt made in 1850 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

"May the sweet gales of happiness bear you safely down the currents of time and land you gently on the shores of eternity."

The late Lucinda Cawley had recorded this message while viewing the quilt on display and shared it with an online list afterward. She was known for her travels to see quilts and her lengthy and much-appreciated descriptions of what she had seen. Like all of our dearly departed quilt friends, we certainly hope that she landed "gently on the shores of eternity."

This Friendship Quilt has birthday wishes

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