Sunday, April 19, 2015

"Seven Daffodils"

Daffodils in our yard

Travelin' on with the Weavers (Loom Productions Inc., 1966) is a songbook that features folk songs including "Seven Daffodils." The song was written by Fran Moseley with music by Lee Hays. One of the verses says:

Seven golden daffodils
All shining in the sun
To light the way to evening
When our day is done.


And I will give you music
And a crust of bread
A pillow of piney boughs
To rest your head.

In our yard there are two patches of daffodils, the ones the bloom first, up near the house in a sheltered place; and those that bloom across the yard where the tall bushes shelter them from direct sun. They are cheerful little things and for us the first harbinger of spring along with the Glory of the Snow little blue flowers which always compete with being the first to open.

It seems appropriate that daffodils would find their way into a  love song that ends with:

But I will show you morning
On a thousand hills
And kiss you, and give you
Seven daffodils.

The Weavers is a performing group that will not soon be forgotten. Their folk music is timeless. Some of my favorite songs appear on the pages of the two songbooks of theirs that I own.

Happy spring!

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