Friday, July 10, 2015

A Nature Hike Proves Inspirational

You know, I must think I'll live forever. I keep adding on project after project, some of them long-term and with no idea when or if I will personally be able to finish them. According to statistics, anyone who makes it to my current age has about 20 years remaining. That does not seem like enough time to finish all the quilting and embroidery projects that I have already started. Thank goodness for long arm machine quilters. At least some of the quilts will be quilted. I certainly could not rely on my (slow) hand quilting to finish all of them.

Sometimes it is a good idea to spend a little time away from the studio in order to get energized again. A brisk walk helps to clear the cobwebs in one's head, after sitting too long. Yesterday, we decided to travel to Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, a quaint quintessential New England town with a town green that is flanked with historic homes. Rhododendron State Park, within the town's borders, was our destination.

The rhododendron plants are amazing in size. In some cases, they form a tunnel on either side of a narrow dirt path through the woods.

Rhodendrons in full bloom at Rhodendron State Park, Fitzwilliam, NH

We took the trail that was one mile long and for the entire way, there were rhododendrons visible, some as tall as 15 feet tall or perhaps more. While the flower heads have no fragrance, noticeable by man, they do attract the bumblebees. This wild plantation represents the northernmost reach of this particular kind of rhododendron. There is an additional trail that features wildflowers and forms a three mile loop. We saved that for another time.

Now back to the studio. What will I work on today? Embroidery!

Patricia Cummings
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