Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Operative Word = Done!

The other project I finished this week is a woven pocketbook. I used a pattern by Aunties Two. The process was a challenge! The end product is not perfect. Ya, ya..."the best laid plans of mice and men." I like the colors. I chose Civil War reproduction fabrics for the entire project. I would make some minor changes were I to make a second one, especially cutting the binding a bit larger to account for the thickness of the fused interfacing of the pockets on the inside. I would also place vertical strips more closely together when weaving, not leaving a space as suggested in the pattern. The result was a bit of scrunching of the strips on one end. Still and all, I am pleased to have finished this fashion accessory that is practical. I love the manner in which the strap is added. The pattern is sold at Keepsake Quilting (no affiliation).

Here is a photo.

Civil War reproduction fabrics in brown, green, blue, and gray were used to create this pocketbook.

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