Sunday, January 10, 2016

Quilt Block Celebrates Whig Party

In the realm of political quilt blocks, one of the most beautiful is an appliqué block called "Whig Rose." The Whig Party was founded in 1833. By 1856 it had merged into the Republican Party. The "Complex Whig Rose" design shown here was appliquéd by Patricia Cummings, based on a pattern in a book by Jeana Kimball. In the days before women had the right to vote in a political election, they used their needles to express political preferences. It was not until the federal election of November 1920 that women were able to cast their ballots.

"Complex Whig Rose"

The most notable political figures that were members of the Whig Party are Daniel Webster and Henry Clay. The two presidential candidates who ran on the Whig ticket and won are William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor. Read more about William Henry Harrison and quilt blocks made in his honor on my website:

The term "Whig" is derived from the name of a political group formed during the Revolutionary War. The name itself, according to a wikipedia entry, means "opposing tyranny." To read more about the Whigs and their political ideas, please visit:

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