Saturday, April 23, 2016

Quilt Repair Dilemma

In the last post, I showed you the Scrap Quilt that I put together using vintage quilt blocks. The blocks were mostly machine-pieced with a few appliqu├ęd pieces. AFTER the quilt blocks were all sewn together and after it had been machine-quilted, I noticed that one block had a piece of fabric that had not been sewn in correctly, leaving a gap in the seam so that the muslin foundation was showing.

The moon and stars (repair) fabric blends in well with the other colors on the block.

I "interviewed" a number of fabrics before deciding on a much later fabric than those in the rest of the quilt. I found an adorable Cranston Printworks scrap that someone had given me. My goal was to cover up the breach while using a fabric that would "look" decades older than the rest of the fabrics so that it would be apparent that it was a "fix." Truly, I had only a small piece of the quarter moon fabric with stars. I was determined to add it.

Using white silk thread so that I could make invisible stitches on the patch, I set about the task. I actually remember the dear soul who gave me a bag of her scraps and it is her that I honor by including the patch on the surface of the quilt. Now I smile every time I see this quilt which I have personalized in a special way.

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