Monday, May 2, 2016

Ellen Webster Mention in Ephemera

Yesterday when I was reading Sue Wildemuth's blog:, I came across a mention of Mrs. Ellen E. Webster, the woman about whom I wrote such a lengthy e-book in 2008. Ellen was a quilt historian and quilt judge (among many other titles she held). She was friends with Florence LaGanke Harris who in this case served as a co-judge in the 1933 contest, as noted by a quote from Farm Journal magazine. The third judge that year at Storrowton, was Mary Ross Reynolds. I learned that the quilt contest of 1933 was the Second National Patchwork Quilt Contest conducted by Eastern States Exposition (in Storrowton). I do not know if Mrs. Webster was a judge during the first contest held by them.

For fun, I looked through my own book today and perused diary entries that I had excerpted from Mrs. Webster's 5-year diaries. On August 21, 1933, she says that she "went to Storrowton, Mass. to serve as a judge on the Quilt Exhibit."

On August 23, 1933 she notes, "Worked all day on quilts and came to decisions on prizes for the antique quilts." (She was judging antique quilts sent in from all over the country).

On August 24, 1933 she says, "Decided on prizes for the modern quilts and Mrs. Harris did part of the writing up of the notes for each prize winner."

On September 8, 1935 she mentions, "Mrs. ____(illegible) met me at the station and went with me to Storrowton where I am to serve as Chairman of Judges. The quilt exhibit of about 400 entries."

Again, it seems that she may have served as a quilt judge the next year. On September 13, 1936 she says, "Worked desperately to finish packing for Storrowton.

I was thrilled, of course, to see Mrs. Ellen E. Webster's name in print in one of the Farm Journal magazines.

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