Monday, May 9, 2016

Quilt Show at Belchertown, Massachusetts

Learning of another quilt show this year at the United Church of Christ Congregational Church in Belchertown, Massachusetts, we made plans to attend inasmuch as we enjoyed last year's show so much. In this blog, we will show you three photos to give you a taste of the show.

The theme of the show was "Hexagon Quilts," both old and new.

"Stolen Moments" close-up; quilt by Jane Crutchfield

Altar display features two Grandmother Flower Garden quilts by Judi Wilson and Virginia DeSantis. In the foreground is a brightly-colored polyester vintage quilt, and a Dime Size hexagon quilt by Lara Kline

To the left hangs a 1930s Diamond Hexagon quilt by Adrianne Duquette. To the right is "Stolen Moments," a modern quilt in the same style by Jane Crutchfield

There were two quilts that really stood out and are quite memorable. The first is a polyester quilt made of brightly-colored hexagons. The quilt was found to purchase in Ohio and features both solid colors and prints (one a cat). This was placed on a frame at the front of the church in the altar area display.

On the stage are two large Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts made by Judi Wilson, and Virginia DeSantis. A Dime Size Hexagon quilt was made by Lara Kline.

To the left of that display area hang two quilts, one an antique diamond hexagon made in the 1930s by Adrianne Duquette. To the right is a new quilt in the exact same style and with the exact size of hexagons used. The maker, Jane Crutchfield, calls it "Stolen Moments" and it is a quilt in progress done all by hand. I loved standing in front of it, looking at all of the conversational prints she uses in the center of each diamond block. It is an amazing piece of work! In unwrapping Duquette's quilt while hanging quilts in the show, Crutchfield was stunned to see the similarities between that vintage quilt and her own.

In the show, there is another bed-size quilt made by Crutchfield that is all half-hexagons, equally amazing (not shown). Of course, there were many other quilts in this most enjoyable show! In addition, piles of fabric, thread, yarn, and many, many quilt books were offered in exchange of a donation of one's choosing.

The show's theme next year will be "Bow Tie Quilts." If you are in the area, don't miss it next May!

Patricia L. Cummings

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