Friday, April 7, 2017

Quilt Blocks Galore!

During the course of time that I was actively involved in magazine publishing, I made many quilt blocks to serve as illustrations. The blocks were of different sizes and I gave no thought to make them color-compatible to use in a Sampler quilt(s). Now I am left with piles of quilt blocks that are discordant to each other, some large enough to finish into its own small wall quilt or pillow (but how many small wall quilts or pillows does a person need?).

Many of the blocks I reproduced have a political or Biblical association. The following block was difficult to make. You will notice that it is made with half-square rectangles which took some time to master, piecing them by hand. The name "Ararat" is that of a new elephant at the Kansas City zoo at the time that the designer Eveline Foland created this block for publication. The block had no association with the Republican party at the time it was made in the 1930s, yet it has taken on that significance. The equivalent would be the quilt called "Democratic Donkeys." A vintage example of a quilt of that kind is shown in my book, Straight Talk About Quilt Care.

But back to my original dilemma: what to do with all of these loose blocks? I welcome any ideas!

"Ararat" block made as sample for a magazine article

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