Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Last Hours of the Titanic

The Last Hours of the Titanic

Patricia L. Cummings

The movie about the Titanic brings to mind the fact that in the final moments before the ship sank, the bandmaster, Wallace Hartley, directed his band to play the hymn "Nearer My God to Thee." Clearly, he realized that death would soon come to many of the passengers very soon.

Turning to God, whatever we perceive God to be, seems like a natural human tendency but most especially when danger is upon us.

In the slow lane, quilters have a medium in which their faith or beliefs can be preserved. A Bible quilt that features the Lord's Prayer is one that I saw about 10 years ago at a special exhibit of quilts which belong to area museums near Wenham, Massachusetts. I have appliqued a number of extra-large Biblical quilt blocks that features the "Rose of Sharon," a rose that is referred to in the Bible. The following is a Crazy Quilt block that features some of the things my mother loved in life, including the Virgin Mary.

I added an image of the Virgin Mary in this Crazy Quilt I made as a memory quilt of my mother. Photo by James Cummings

I am sure that if I looked through the resources I have on hand, I would find more examples of this genre, one of sharing one's faith in creative works.

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