Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Beginnings for an Old House

New Beginnings for an Old House

For as long as I have lived in my present home, it has been gray with black shutters. Recently, my husband said that he needed to paint the house this summer. He also said that it was originally yellow. That was all I needed to run to Lowe's to check paint colors. We have chosen a "happy" yellow and will add green (aluminum) shutters that will never need to be painted. This will be a major improvement for the exterior of our home.

Our house as it appears in an old history book about Concord, NH
Exact date of photo unknown but pre-1930s

Of course, we considered many variations of the color yellow and have settled on a "Mark Twain" house color of that historic home. Today, after spraying hornet's nests galore last night, Jim embarked on scraping pain on the north side of the house. He gave away all of the old black shutters the other night, deciding that he had patched them often enough.

I am very excited about this project. It will be like living in a new space and will be a cheerful accent to our neighborhood, we hope, along with the view of the many flowers and plants that we grow here.

Color makes all the difference in the world when it comes to one's reaction to something. For example, I am attracted to pastel color tee shirts and am turned off by black ones. I avoid looking at red ones, too. Black and red are colors that I associate with danger (for some reason).

Both Jim and I are constantly working at some project or another when we are not resting. As we get older, we both have to pace ourselves and do work a little at a time. Yet, like a slow turtle crossing the road, we eventually get to the other side. I am sure we will provide a photo of this latest project as soon as it is complete. What fun as we bring this home into the 21st century, yet celebrate its original color, too, as best we can.

Patricia Cummings

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