Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's All in the Words We Use

This morning, lacking nothing to do that was pressing, I switched on the television. Since the last show I watched (last night) was about Mark Twain, the channel that came up was Channel 2, WGBH. The current program was Sesame Street. Wow! The show has really changed considerably since I last watched it with my son in the early 1970s. My take-away has enchanted me all day. Two characters were discussing problems and how to get rid of them and one told the other that it is important to "twinkle think."

The word "twinkle" is a curious one. We speak of Santa Claus with a "twinkle in his eye" or apply the same idea to a young man who smitten by a young lady. Twinkle-think connotes using magic, entertaining many different ideas, and having fun finding a solution. I could suddenly see that I had been "twinkle thinking" when I turned on the television. My problem of "what to do next" was solved and I now have a new set of words to add to my own thought processes.

I have to admit having been in love with Kermit the Frog from the first time I ever saw him. I especially loved the song "Rainbow Connection" - "for lovers, and dreamers, and me."

This afternoon, wanting a small dose of politics, I tuned into a segment on MSNBC's "The Cycle" program. I usually enjoy watching shows like that when I have time. A guest who has written a book was talking about how, in past times, people would talk to each other in neighborhoods and communities. Now, it seems to him, people congregate on the Internet in groups that line up with their religious interests, specific hobbies (like quilting!), or other common factors such as family. There is simply not much time for socializing with real people in person.

It is true. The Internet can suck up hours of time, one reason I deleted my personal Facebook account, and have not been spending a lot of time online. As a person who loves thoughts, it was refreshing today to be able to watch two different shows that clearly gave me some things to consider.

Wishing you time to enjoy the fast-passing summer days and to just spend a little time twinkle-thinking. May all your dreams come true.

Patricia Cummings

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