Friday, August 1, 2014

Billings Farm & Museum - Fun with Quilts!

These days seem like the lazy days of summer especially when the heat and humidity do not inspire us to do much. Yet, we do what needs to be done anyhow. Jim just picked the first quart of Blackberries for the year and hastened to make a Blackberry crisp. He is so resourceful. The key to a happy life is using what you have and not wasting a thing.

Covered bridge in Woodstock, Vermont not far from the Billings Farm and Museum

Yesterday was special. We were once again invited to the opening of the quilt exhibit at Billings Farm and Museum. The number of quilts seemed fewer this year but it was clear that the quilters all took great care in their work for this juried exhibit which awards ribbon prizes for the winners. To enter, once has to be a member who lives in Windsor County, Vermont.

"Dance of the Dragonflies" by Cynthia Dalyrmple is my favorite this year. It is machine pieced and machine quilted

Among the many compelling quilts, the one I liked the best was made by Cynthia Dalrymple. The pastel background colors are very pleasing and the theme is a fun one. I believe the signage stated that this was from a pattern. She added beads for the "eyes" of the dragonflies. The borders pick up the same colors of turquoise (so "in" this year) and purple. Pinwheel blocks are situated in each outer border's corners.

I enjoyed picking the colors for this Dresden Plate quilt pillow I made.
Here it is seen sitting on the loveseat in my den where I have a "books" throw cover

I have not been idle. A week or so ago, I made a Dresden Plate circular pillow. I have set aside some large hand quilting projects until fall when I'll feel more like working on them. Happy Quilting! Enjoy the little things. They are all little things that make up the essence of life!  Pat

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