Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beautiful Day

When one celebrates the every-day-ness of every day, it is possible to enjoy the little things. Aren't the little things always part of a greater whole in this thing called LIFE? Today, I took a walk. It mattered  not that when I reached my destination, the store was closed because it is Easter Sunday. The purchase of eggs and milk can wait for another day.

Still feeling tired because of a respiratory infection that is now moving out fast, I had a chance to work on a project that I started yesterday. In addition, I hand-washed two large Basket blocks that are "old." I'll have to consult some books to see if I can match the fabrics and date them. Whenever I come upon stray orphan blocks, I have to wonder if their "sisters" are out there somewhere, or if one or two is all the quilter had time to make. So much of what we buy on the antiques market is not linked to any name. It is as if the blocks and quilts have descended from outer space or the great Quilting Bee in the sky.

On a personal note, I continue to lose weight and fit into clothes that I have not worn for years. While 64 pounds sounds like a lot to lose, I am still carefully choosing foods. For the first time in years, I weigh less than 200 lbs.!

For a change of pace tonight, we decided to eat at McDonald's. We both ordered a medium decaf coffee, a "quarter pounder," and an apple pie  and a small fries (to split). While I would not like to make a habit of eating that way  routinely, I did appreciate not having to do dishes, and the meal was tasty.

Today, the Daffodils near the house were blooming, as was a white Hyacinth, and a bunch of periwinkle (myrtle). Spring has surely come to New Hampshire.

My stay at the hospital was very helpful. The information I learned will be invaluable to combat several chronic diseases which constantly prove to be challenges.

I already have a check list of things to do tomorrow, including orderring Joe Cunningham's new music CD. His guitar playing is awesome! Feeling happy and content tonight. All is well in my world. I am always happiest when I concentrate on doing things that make me happy. One of those "things" today was using color pencil to color in an Amish coloring book with quilt patterns. I was happy to give myself permission to be a "kid" again. Try it!

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