Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let it Be

Let it Be

Patricia L. Cummings

This morning I am thinking of the words to the song, "Let it Be": "In my darkest hour, Mother Mary comes to me / speaking words of wisdom / Let it be." In certain religions, including Catholicism, Mary, "the Mother of God, is celebrated. Over the centuries, Mary has been depicted in many different ways by paintings.

This morning, I came across a letter semt to me (undated) about a year ago.

"Angel Keeper," an embroidery by Tamara Shpolyanska (photo taken in 2003)

My friend, Tamara, in Germany, engages in many other needle activities other than quilting. The photo above shows a work in progress at the time she sent the photo in 2003. She was working in a series of three: including Christ and Mother Mary.

She used the Gobelein stitch to re-create these Russian icons. Over the many years that she and I have been pen pals, we have shared many bits of information as well as photos of our current projects, all thanks to a small ad in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine where I saw that she was seeking a correspondent. I responded at a time when Internet accessibility was still very limited to home users. The rest is "history," as they say. Today, Tamara is a certified "Master Quilter" by the International Quilt Association, and she teaches quilting techniques in Germany. I am happy to be in contact with such a beautiful lady who makes such lovely pieces of embroidery and quilts!

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Patricia Cummings

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