Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Look at the Quilts of Donald Munsey

Donald Munsey, Quiltmaker

Patricia L.. Cummings

This is a photo of Don Munsey. Known as a man of science, he exuded personal warmth and is remembered best for his "dry" sense of Yankee humor as well as his keen intelligence. Yes, he was a quilter!  Photo courtesy of Sandra Munsey

This past winter brought the sad news that Donald Munsey is no longer with us. In 2008, inspired by the quilts made by his wife, Sandra, a long time quilter, Don made his first quilt. The small quilt was in the "Chinese Coins" pattern. He proudly entered it into a show at the Libby Museum, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, where Jim and I enjoyed seeing it. Signs were there. He had caught the "Quilt Bug" and decided to make a quilt for each of his daughters and granddaughters. He is remembered by the following photos taken by family members at the Narragansett Bay Quilters Association in North Kingstown, Rhode Island last Friday.

Overview of quilts made by Don Munsey

                                                            A quilt for granddaughter, Leah

The Rhododendron Quilt Guild mounted a memorial tribute to Don in this year's show. Sandra sent me some photos and I share them with you here. Before I continue though, I must share a few personal recollections of Don. He was a person with whom one felt "comfortable" in his presence. He was a good listener but when he did speak, his words mattered and were well-chosen and significant.

I loved his sense of humor, and in particular, the message he recorded for the couples' answering machine. Don loved to sing and performed in a number of choral groups. He also really liked the folk music of Bill Staines, a trait that he, Sandra, and I had in common. If Don set his mind to a task, you could bet that he would complete it.

This colorful patchwork quilt was made for his daughter, Carol

This quilt was made for daughter, Suzanne

This quilt was finished by a machine quilter. Don did not live to see it completed. The quilt is intended to be given to Chris and Audrey as a wedding gift and is a bed size quilt.
Saying good-bye to a friend is never an easy task. Jim and I are thrilled to see Don's quilts which are such treasures and valued by family members.

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