Sunday, June 29, 2014

19th Century Flags in Flannel

19th Century Flags in Flannel

Patricia L. Cummings

A prized possession is a set of premium cigar flannels given to me by a friend. They are sewn together via the use of bias strips and the edges are embroidered with Cretan Stitch as a decorative and useful way to finish them.

A close-up of three flannel flags in a set given to me

These flannels  stem from the 19th century and were issued to encourage the sale of cigars and tobacco products. The ones that have come to me feature Austria-Hungary, Denmark, Argentina, Bulgaria, the United States of America, and an unknown flag in yellow and red whose writing can no longer be read.

The remaining flags. All six of these are joined together. The one on the lower left is of unknown origin. Does anyone recognize it? Perhaps it is the former flag for Spain? They adopted a new official flag in 1978.

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