Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mystery Redwork Design

Mystery Redwork Image

In the past I have led two online groups related to Redwork Embroidery in which members and I shared information and resources. I am writing this essay today in the hope that someone who was a part of those groups could solve a mystery. A piece of Redwork was mad that is based on a photograph which says "1918" and signed "love, Vergie." Ofcourse, 1918 was a war year. The first World War was taking place. The photo shows a woman standing while holding a large "Mother" pillow.

Source for a Redwork design made by unknown person

Someone on that list apparently used the photo to come up with a Redwork design which she posted. I do not know that person's name. Her online name was "cactus_pearl."

"In Memory of my trip to the Hawaiian Islands" says
 this photo of a silk pillow cover, framed and under glass.

My book Sweetheart & Mother Pillows was published in December 2011. My book shows that the pillow covers made during World War I were exceedingly larger than those made during the following World War or the years of the C.C.C.

Adapted design based on the images above, drawn by unknown maker

This is a piece of Redwork that I made.

 I thought it great fun to combine two of my major textile interests together: Redwork and Sweetheart & Mother Pillows. I would still like to know who was responsible for sharing these images on my list. I would love to hear the story that accompanied them, again. My e-mail address is

June 16, 2014 Update

A miniature quilt with a handkerchief pocket, "bees," and a photo of a portion the original postal card.
Here is the finished piece I made, front and back.

Photo of the back of the mini-quilt I made

The back of the mini-quilt looks like this. I made this little quilt to preserve the image which is just so charming! Someday I hope to reconnect with whomsoever posted the image to my yahoo list on Redwork.
What a fun little project on a summer's day!

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