Thursday, June 5, 2014

Small Egyptian Panels

Small Egyptian Panels

Patricia L. Cummings

For the past 10 years now, small Egyptian panels have caught my attention. No doubt made for the tourist trade, many of them come from the 1920s. The panels, usually made by men who do appliqué for a living mainly by making tents, the panels celebrate the mythology of ancient Egypt.

Egyptian sun worshipper seen on small panel sold for the tourist trade 

Just last week, another small panel was found to be for sale in an antiques shop and it followed me home. The image is of a young boy with raised arms facing the sun. I wanted to find out more about the Egyptian sun gods and learned that there are actually three gods. "Ra" is perhaps the most well-known. He is depicted as having a Falcon for a head, and a solar disk in a position above the head. See a photo of Ra online.

Ra is in charge of the noon sun and is known as the bringer of light and the god in charge of bringing everything to life by whispering secret names. Every night he descends into the underworld and has to fight with a serpent named Aposis in order to be able to return to earth again. Khepri is the Egyptian sun god in charge of the rising sun. Atum is the third sun god and he is responsible for the setting sun.

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It is always fun to learn and I realize that I would like to learn more about Egyptology topics!

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