Friday, June 6, 2014

Lupine Festival Activities Includes Textiles

Lupine Festival Includes Textiles

Patricia L. Cummings

In recent years, we plan a trip to northern New Hampshire to go to the Lupine Festival in June. The event has been going on for a week now...but without the Lupines! One of the women we met today stated that it is believed that the severely cold winter has delayed the plants. We saw but one Lupine growing in a field!

A photo taken in 2011 is representative of Lupines in Sugar Hill, NH.
Where are they hiding this year? The hardy plant loves the cool nights of the mountains

Exhibit of Children's Clothes

An exhibition of textiles from Childhood titled "Once Upon A Time" was available to view at the Sugar Hill Historical Society. All kinds of needlework including fine pin tuck, eyelet work, appliqué, smocking, knit goods and other items were on display. Jim Cummings took a photo of a dress I really like. Behind it, to the left, is a pair of bronzed shoes. Seeing them made me feel sentimental about my son's first shoes, long ago given away.

Adorable dress has pin tucks in the front, a French style and is further decorated with tiny bead-like stitches, probably done with silk thread

I purchased a fascinating book about rocking horses in the museum's gift shop.
This photo shows a doll and other artifacts of childhood

The barn held even more textiles with a considerable number of them displayed on walls.

Beautiful exhibit of even more clothes made for children which someone lovingly made by hand and which were preserved over a long period. The exhibit was quintessentially Victorian, an era in which children and childhood was much celebrated.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief summary. The Historical Society is open tomorrow and will be holding a sale of some type at that time. The North Country of New Hampshire is beautiful. We enjoyed the day and took the opportunity to visit the store "Sugar Hill Sampler" and Harman's (which sells unique gift items and cheese.

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