Friday, June 20, 2014

Please do not sing Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Patricia L. Cummings

In the more than six decades that I have lived, I never knew until now this bit of news that comes from the department of strange news, Indeed. To read the long story, posted to NPR, click on the following link

Or take my word for it, as repeated from what I learned from a recent guest on NPR. Copyright law is alive and well and demands a fee, yes, money, to any business or corporation that wants to play, sing, record, or otherwise feature or perform what has come to be known as "The Birthday Song."

Yes, like most of us, I have heard various versions over the years - that is, different words put to the same familiar tune. Anyone over 6 years old probably at least secretly resents that song being sung to them.

This new report explains why some restaurants are beginning to offer other ways of honoring a birthday - a free dessert is one of them, a rap song is another.

Since this is still my birthday week, the news was timely. The company that polices the song makes over $2 million dollars per YEAR for permission for a corporation or  person to play or sing the age-old anthem. If that fact would deter people from using it, all the better. We need a new tradition.

Now on to more un-birthday things to do!
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