Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Patriotic Dogs" quilit

Patriotic Dogs

Patricia L. Cummings

While you were sleeping, I was making another quilt. The latest quilt is comprised of salvaged quilt blocks that I finished embroidering before setting the squares in a pleasing manner.

 Featured here are five embroidered blocks and four alternate "Victory" fabric blocks assembled into a wall quilt by Patricia Cummings

In assembling the quilt, I thought about light and dark squares; the block that I wanted to be the center of attention; and the concept of "visual weight."

I placed the sailor puppy with his telescope in the left hand top corner, figuring that to be the best place for him. The quilt block, because it has a white background stands out from the rest. If one thinks about it, when reading a newspaper, one's eye goes first to the upper right hand corner. I kept that concept in mind.

I also thought about the concept of "visual weight" when I chose to place the "Ship Ahoy" block where I did. The quilt's theme is related to war, World War II in fact. It is not by chance that the Bull Dog and the flag of Great Britain are dead center in the quilt, for emphasis on all of the collaboration that took place between the United States and the UK at that time.

The quilt is one of a kind. Jim "loves" this quilt and promptly wanted to hang it up and take a photo of it. We certainly are a "team" and I am so happy when anyone likes my work. Hope you enjoyed seeing this one. Now, on to the next project!

Patricia Cummings,

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