Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Dogs of War

This Vogart block made it into my military themed quilt today. This must be "the Bugle Boy from Company C"
"The Dogs of War"

Patricia L. Cummings

Anyone who knows me also understands that I love dogs! Today I amused myself by putting together a quilt top using some quilt blocks that I had collected. Some of them are from Vogart and the source of others remains a mystery. I thought it was time these dogs met each other and kept company. I cut them all to be 15 inches large and then assembled them into a quilt top by using yardage the depicts "V for Victory," Pin-up girls photos, and simulate news headlines from war years.

A good place for dog watching is the beach! This photo by James Cummings was taken at York Beach, Maine

Sailor Dog is now part of my quilt top

I would be hard-pressed to say which block is my favorite. The quilt top has not yet been photographed. I am having fun. What else matters?

Update on 6/2/2014

After posting this yesterday both my husband and I took the time to look up the term "dogs of war." He tells me that I might want to reconsider the term as a name for the quilt I am making. Apparently, in medieval times, "unleashing the dogs of war" meant giving clearance to soldiers to rape and pillage after a victory. No, that was not quite what I had in mind.

Jim had also recognized the term from its use in "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare. Again, it was the name of a movie/ The term is used as a "simile" in chapter XIV of the musical play Les Misérables. I knew nothing of all of these mentions! I had just heard the term without realizing all of the possible connections. However, I will have to come up with a new name for this quilt in progress!

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