Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mystery Quilt Gave Hint

Mystery Quilt Gave Hint

Patricia Cummings

Friendship Quilt made in 1989 and purchased in New Hampshire. If the print fabric
looks out of place, it is because it is a replacement quilt block

The clues are there, if only one notices them. The clue I mention here is that present on a quilt in which all the blocks were embroidered except for one...which was a piece of printed cloth. It was only after the article I wrote about the quilt was published in a magazine that I learned the truth. The dealer's wife, thinking that the quilt would not sell, took off the block that was present and replaced it. I am grateful for their honest approach if only after the purchase.

The quilt block is eerily similar to a painting titled
 "American Gothic," a story unto itself

Though the removed block was oil cloth and kind of grundgy, we love it!

The quilt was cleaned at the conservation lab at the University of Rhode Island under the apt guidance of Margaret OrdoƱez, co-chair of the department of textiles and fashion design. The article I wrote did not uncover the makers of this quilt nor whom it was made to honor.

As in life, never take anything for granted. Everything has its own story to tell and it is amazing what facts can be uncovered with a little bit of sleuth work.Yet, no matter what, there are some secrets that neither other people or the grave are willing to divulge.

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